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10 Things Women Love About Their Marc By Marc Jacobs Hillier Hob

Have you seen the Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo bag? If you are into handbags, you probably have. After all, it is the label's most popular silhouette. But what is it about this bag that women love? Here are what women of the Hillier Hobo "club" had to say:

Top 10 Things Women Love About Their Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo Bag

1. "Once I took her out of her box and felt her thick, pebbly, supple leather, I was sold. I wore her out that night, and the history." The leather is "buttery soft." It's so "yummy!"

2. It is "crazy comfy." This is my "hands-down Go-To-Bag!" "Just a great everyday bag!"

3. I love it because it is "casual chic."

4. The choice of colors are "gorgeous!" "I would purchase one of each color if I owned a money tree."

5. It was love at first sight. "I went to my local Nordstrom to buy a completely different bag, but when I saw this, it took me about 5 seconds before I grabbed it up and decided it was mine!"

6. It is extremely versatile. "When I'm going to be out for a while or out-of-town, I take her because she can be worn casually cross-body or a bit more discretely on the shoulder."

7. It is a well thought out design that emits simplicity as well as elegance. "I also love how simple it is, but still doesn't look cheap or tacky."

8. "It's so roomy..." It "fits tons." It's the perfect catch-all size with zip and slip pockets for organization. "I also keep the things I use most (phone, sunglasses) in the little pockets, so they don't get lost and I don't have to dig."

9. It's the kind of bag you want to marry. "It has just gotten better with time."

10. It just looks great. "Every time I wear this bag I receive so many compliments."

There you have it ladies. If you were debating whether or not you would be happy with a purchase of a Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo bag, debate no more.

A Buying Tip

These Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo bags are very popular. Historically, new colors have come out seasonally and I have had one heck of a time finding certain colors. So, if you see a color that you love, snatch it, especially if the company has a long return window (1 year is the longest I've seen) and free return shipping.