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Designer Menswear As A Gift Is A Definite 'Yes!'

There has always been an issue of what gifts to buy for men. Whether it is a gift for a birthday, an anniversary or Christmas, so many women are left in a quandary, wandering the shops and trawling the Internet muttering, 'men are so difficult to buy for'. Yet in the 21st century, is this still really applicable? It has always been said that everything has a price and if you can truly get anything on the Internet, then why should gifts for men be a ponderous issue? Add in to this, the fact that 21st Century Man is a very different animal to its latter-day 20th Century counterpart and no woman should experience gift buying issues for the men in her life.

Men have hobbies, men love gadgets and perhaps more significantly these days men like to look good. Care about the male appearance has never been as important as it has become in the last decade and the massive billion dollar cosmetic and beauty business has seriously woken up to the male market. Where the gift of choice for men in this area used to be limited to after shave, there is now a mass of potions and lotions, treatment and creams for keeping a man looking and smelling his best.

Of course, part of looking good is the clothes a man chooses, or indeed his woman buys for him. Designer menswear is now targeted at a wider audience than when it was only within the affordability of pop stars, stars of stage and screen and business tycoons. Whilst designer menswear is not aimed at every man in the street - that would naturally defeat the objective of exclusivity and limited availability - high quality male fashion from couture labels has become more accessible.

Just like in women's designer fashion, designer menswear has audiences at different levels. Superbly well cut pret-a-porter suits, jackets and trousers of quality fabrics supported by well-tailored shirts happily rub shoulders in the marketplace with made to measure, hand-designed, hand-made haute couture. This means that for the same price as a large bottle of a favoured after shave lotion, a woman can now buy her man a piece of high design fashion. With the kudos of designer labels being somewhat irresistible, if items of clothing are beyond the budget, designers have cleverly branched beyond the mere supply of gorgeous clothes and have extended into accessories and gift ware. If that designer shirt or suit is beyond budgetary means, there are always socks, ties, belts, wallets and sunglasses with designer labels to make a gift statement.