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How To Buy A Guitar Correctly

Buying a guitar is kind of like shopping around for a new car. It needs to look nice, reflect your personality, fit you physically well, and perform as expected, and above all - it needs to be affordable, because we all know that cars and guitars can be expensive.

The perfect place to begin when considering buying a guitar is with what style of music do you think you are most interested in. There's acoustics, electrics and classicals to keep it simple. Electrics are more expandable in the sense that you would need an amp, which does cost more money, but makes it easier to record, and also means that you can customize your sound the easiest to play different styles of music. Electric guitars are typically used on heavy metal, blues, jazz, funk, punk, rock, country, and other styles, but acoustics can be used for ballads in some forms of this music.

Acoustic guitars are great for a more subtle touch, and for a beginner are a little less intimidating since they can be played a little quieter. Acoustics come in different sizes, so make sure that you try out the different shapes and sizes to fit your posture body type. Getting the wrong guitar can make playing it a very bad first experience.

Acoustics can also be electrified for work with amps, or you can buy a simple pickup insert for the sound hole to be used to amplify it. Some people find that acoustic strings are hard on the fingers while the strings used on an electric are are easier to play with. I always recommend going with a classical, as they use nylon strings which are very gentle, but only if you feel this will be a problem.

Always make sure that you try as many different guitars as possible before buying a guitar, and don't be afraid to ask as many questions as necessary. There is no such thing as a stupid question after all.

Finally, budget is to be considered. It is very possible to get a wonderfully made guitar that sounds great and works for you for a fraction of the price of a high end guitar. You can also find affordable guitars such as this that are made from trusted brand names. Its very possible to purchase a good condition guitar used from ebay, but be careful not to get into a bidding war over something that you may not enjoy, and it should be a guitar that you have actually tried first in real life.

Never just purchase a guitar or a piece of guitar related equipment, simply because someone else recommended it. Everyone has different needs when it comes to buying a guitar. If you want to go off of some online reviews, that's a little better, but make sure that the reviews reflect that the people who bought a certain model were beginners themselves.