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Reflective Safety Vests Protect Roadside Worker's Lives

The roadside is a dangerous place to work. Ask any construction worker or emergency responder. Drivers speed by them like they're not even there. Add in the factors of bad weather, poor lighting and distracted drivers and the potential for accidents climbs even higher. That's why it's important for roadway workers to do everything they can to make sure that drivers see them - especially at night. By making roadside workers more visible it allows drivers the advanced warning and time they need to slow down, take caution and drive carefully around workers and work zones.

An excellent way to make roadside workers and emergency responders more visible to motorists is to have them wear ANSI /ISEA 107-2010 compliant reflective safety vests and other reflective clothing.

In an effort to improve worker safety, ANSI (the American National Standards Institute) has developed a standard to help workers choose which type of reflective safety vest or safety clothing is appropriate for the type of work they perform. The ANSI standard is based on the color of and the amount of background material of the garment used in combination with the amount of and location of the reflective material on the clothing. ANSI compliant vests and clothing are tagged with the ANSI class numbers for easy rating reference. Here's what to look for on the tag.

ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 -There have been many previous standards. ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 is the most recent one.

Class 3 - Class 3 vests and garments give the highest level of visibility for workers performing high risk work. Workers should wear these garments when traffic speeds exceed 50 mph and the worker must put all of their attention on their work and not on traffic. ASNI Class 3 garments and vests are ideal for utility workers, roadway construction workers, flagging crews and emergency responders.

Class 2 - Class 2 vests and garments are best for workers when traffic is moving at 25 mph or more, in bad weather or when the worker must divert their attention away from the traffic. ANSI Class 2 vests and garments are ideal for crossing guards, airport ground workers and parking lot or toll booth attendants.

Class 1 - Class 1 garments and vests are for workers to wear when traffic speeds are lower than 25 mph or where workers can focus all their attention on traffic. ANSI Class 1 vests and garments are ideal for delivery truck drivers, warehouse workers and shopping cart retrievers.