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The Ramino Game

If you are looking for an online card game which is simple, but still very exciting, Ramino may just be the perfect game for you. From the times when Ramino was initially introduced on the internet through a handful of online gaming sites, this lovely game has grown tremendously for its popularity.

The origination of the game Ramino is still a matter of debate, but the fact that is not under any debate is that Ramino is the simplest and the best among all the cards games meant for people who are looking for easy to learn, but exciting games. But no matter how simple this game might be, the best way to approach it is by learning about the basics of the game first. So, before you put your money on the wagers on any online rummy site, do get a thorough knowledge of all the rules and the process of the game and then only play with real money.

The basics of the game are very similar to the other forms of rummy. The main motive of players is to make up melds, by using cards which are the part of the stock pile of cards which are kept face down in the middle of the players and the cards which form the discard pile. Every player takes his turn picking cards and discarding a card in return. As this continue, eventually one of the players ends up making up the meld first and winning the jackpot. In case the game is a part of a tournament, the winner gets points, which are calculated at the end of the tournament.

While you are playing the game, remember that they most important part of the game is the discard pile. Keep an eye on the cards which are being discarded by players and keep your mind alert about the possible usage or melding possibilities of such cards. Also, Ramino is a very exciting game and thus it is very much probable that if you have additional cash in your pocket, then you are most likely to overspend from your budget. Thus take care and keep only enough money to fit in the budget of money that you are prepared to loose.