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Tips On "creating Impact In How To Draw A Cheetah"

Are you an artist that wants to create impact in how to draw a Cheetah? As an artist, we want to create works that are going to stand out. Art that inspires not only us as artists; we want to inspire every person that looks at our art work.

So lets walk down the path of the cheetah and have them bursting onto the art scene with their grace and speed.

?Drawing a Cheetah

The time has come around again where I am busily working away on this months newsletter. The second art newsletter for my site. A long time coming.... my first newsletter came out last month with great feed back from my followers.

I discussed "How to Sell your own Art Work" in the April Newsletter, and now in May. I'm going to go further into talking about the Cheetah. Cheetah! ahhhhh..... are they not one of the most beautiful of the big cats?

The fastest land animal on this earth! just think about it for one moment? That's quite some title to hold. So as artists, we need to channel this into our own art when drawing the cheetah.

Not only when they are running in full flight across land. But you can capture this also when they are stationary, and walking." What! you say". "How can you convey this with a cheetah who is not running flat out?" ahhhhh.... well these are the secrets that I am going to share with you.

In every newsletter, I am going to go into depth with the different subject lessons that I have on my site. And as I am concentrating on certain popular animals that are very popular in art to artists, and art lovers amongst us.

I have made it a point of keeping my finger on the pulse of the art world, in what I bring, and will be bringing to my newsletters. The Art World News also has its controversy and changes just like any news that we see on our television at any given time.

I don't just want to give you any old news, its got to affect us in not just history and also today, but how we also need to adjust as artists, to the art world. Where trends change just like stocks shift on the world market.

Art competitions are always coming around, and bringing the newest of these competitions of the month. Hopefully encouraging my newsletter members to enter their own works. As I have done throughout my art career. Not only does it give you more confidence as an artist, you will also learn to conform to certain guidelines, which is good for tightening up your art when needed.

Lets not forget me having my nose to the ground for the best and cheapest quality art materials at the time. We always need art materials, and even if we don't need them right now. If you can save on art materials and put them away like a squirrel. Saving on good art materials is a bonus. Don't buy cheap art materials, as these will reflect in your own art work.

Specially when were going to go into depth on how to draw a cheetah And if you find yourself stamping the ground, and wondering why your finished art work is not coming up to par with your expectations. Always remember, you have the advantage of great art if you start off right. Good art lessons and art materials, plus your full attention and practice, practice, practice..............

Sorry but I had to put that in, as my followers would have heard that enough on my lesson pages on my site. And of course... I roll out with a few chosen art articles that I think worthy of being read. And my last words for the month, and no, not gryping "why it has taken me so long to get this newsletter out for the month to keep you all happy...."

Cheetah Art

The cheetah is one of my favorite of the big cats, and I have even sculpted one a few years ago now. I might be a professional artist in many different mediums, though I have been drawn to sculpting for many years. Meaning that my other works have taken back stage. Yet here I am, finding myself having to dust of my pencils and brushes just to keep my followers happy on my site. I don't mind.... it's about time I got back into drawing and painting again.

Creating the impact we need when doing the cheetah, whether it be in drawing, painting or sculpture. Does not mean that one cheetah subject will suit one medium as well as another. Its doesn't seem to work that easily.

I have found through the years that we must take care at how we go about choosing our cheetah subject of each medium. Say if I painted a cheetah, and brought out all the character that was needed to give the impact we want, capturing the onlookers gaze. Then try the same subject in sculpture form. Do you think that the sculpture of this certain cheetah is going to be just as dramatic? no.

Training yourself to know what to look out for and fine tune your senses to know what medium will work with what cheetah subject, to give it the best possible advantage, and stretching the boundaries. Bringing forth that impact to your work.

If you don't get this right from the start, you are going to stagger through your career finding out what works best. So why not get a head start, I don't mind sharing my advise with you and letting you in on my little secrets. I know such things can be guarded well by many in the art world. So why cant we share a little, I enjoy the next artists work as I do my own, so we should encourage, not keep. Give that gift of art.

Ok.... wrapping it up for this month. I am so close to finishing the newsletter, that I can see myself laying back in a comfortable chair and a nice hot drink.

Choosing the cheetah as my subject for this month..... I can't deny its one of my favorites. And I have a great respect for the cheetah. If I could have one as a pet, that would be lovely. Though I have the closest thing, a few feline cats that patrol my house. A bit on the small side compared to the cheetah. Though with as much personality...

I have talked on my site, about the cheetah in some of my pages. Now we are getting down to the nitty- gritty. Choosing your subject, well that can be hard enough, am I going to make this lesson even harder..... I'll try not to.

Remember, getting it right from the start means the difference to your finished work being a great success or not. So that little bit more work, will take away you not being satisfied with your finished piece, and having to start all over again and do another one. So in how to draw a Cheetah we are going to get this impact thing right from the start.